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Karalee's Feature in the National Council for History Education Strategic Vision for 2024 Video
America250 Article on Karalee!
Karalee's feature in a TIME Article:
From Teachers to Custodians, Meet the Educators Who Saved a Pandemic School Year

Teaching Civics in a Digital World

with Dr. Monica Burns, Karalee Wong Nakatsuka & Laurel Aguilar-Kirchhof

Teaching History Herway

Bring HIstory and Civics to Life


Ep 109: Digital Citizenship & Media Literacy with Laurel

Bam Radio

We Can Only Prepare Students for the Future...


Ep 123: Bringing History & Civics to Life

ISTELive22 Rewind

17 Reasons Edtech Champions are so Hopeful About the Future of Teaching

Laurel's Webinar- Revolutionizing the Classroom: Harness the Power of Ed-Tech to Help Students Thrive

Follow the link below to watch this interactive discussion to hear from Laurel Aguilar-Kirchhoff, an educator and digital learning specialist, who knows all about suing technology for good. She discussed the positive impact of educational technology and how to bring it into your classroom. In this webinar, you'll learn:

- The benefits of ed-tech and how it enhances student success

- Latest best practices for integrating ed-tech into your classroom

- Highly engaging ed-tech tools and activities to take back to the classroom

Laurel at ISTELive22

Listen to Laurel and fellow ISTE authors: Nathan D. Lang-Raad, Jennifer Williams, and Kendra Grant in this important and meaningful conversation with Carl Hooker about why they are hopeful about the future of teaching and learning, recorded at ISTELive22, New Orleans.

Karalee, The New York Times

View The New York Times multimedia interactive and follow this meaningful conversation between Karalee and fellow history teachers across the country: Alisha Sanders, Catherine Reidenbach, Mike Klapka, Michael Hjort, and Valencia Abbott on "What's Actually Being Taught in History Class."

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Reporters Kassie Bracken, Jacey Fortin

Producers Kassie Bracken, Mark Boyer

Designer Rebecca Lieberman


Video Editor Mark Boyer

Cinematographer Noah Throop

Archival Research Dahlia Kozlowsky

Additional Developer Gabriel Gianordoli


Story Editors Meghan Louttit, Mary Suh

Senior Producer Hanaan Sarhan

Executive Producer Solana Pyne

Teaching the Constitution to Digital Native Generations

It’s Constitution Day, bruh. Our nation’s living document is critical for today’s students to understand, but how do we approach the complicated concepts and challenging language in a way that engages our Gen Z students? Join educators Karalee Wong Nakatsuka and Laurel Aguilar-Kirchhoff, authors of Bringing History and Civics to Life, as they share digital methods for teaching the Constitution to students who have never lived in a world without smartphones.

National Council for History Education

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