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United States: Manifest Destiny-can it be justified?

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Lindsey Charron

is a middle school history teacher and holds two master's degrees in history and educational technology. She was chosen as a James Madison Fellow in 2013, and has won numerous awards including California Council for the Social Studies Teacher of the Year in 2020 and California State History Teacher of the Year by the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History in 2021.

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Lesson Summary:

Students will demonstrate an authentic understanding of the concept of Manifest Destiny and identify different factors that motivated groups to move westward in the United States.

ISTE Standards:

1.3 Knowledge Constructor

1.6 Creative Communicator

Try One New Thing:

Analyzing artwork as a primary source is an excellent way to connect with the past and for students to practice their historical analysis skills. One highly engaging resource is The Museum of the World from the British Museum in Google Cultural Institute. The interactive timelines with art help to make meaningful connections for students.

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