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Chapter 2 - Community

While we may not have control over echo chambers, algorithms, and cable news outlets, in our classrooms we have a fantastic opportunity to create a sense of community for our students.

-Bring History & Civics to Life

Resources & Links

Terry Moore's Ted Talk

Terry Moore's highly engaging and thought-provoking Ted Talk "How to Tie Your Shoes."

Flip GridPals

A unique opportunity to connect with other students and classrooms across
the world using Flip Pals.

Columbia University

A research-informed guide with a particular focus on synchronous community-building strategies.


A digital archive of recorded interviews and personal stories
that convey the humanity of people from all over the world.

Digital Citizenship Institute

The primary focus is on helping our students connect the world through our shared citizenship in a digital world.

Speak like Founding Father

Time Magazine article "‘Impudent Huzzy!’: How to Speak Like a Founding Father"

The Global Read Aloud

Each year during a six-week period, Global Read Aloud helps students and teachers connect with resources and activities that are based around a common book.

PenPal Schools

Making connections and collaborations with students from over 150 countries across the world allows students to read, write, and create original projects.

Try One New Thing Challenge


Review CASEL's Community Building Circles Guide and plan your first community circle.

#TryOneNewThingChallenge Background

In order to help guide you on this journey, we have provided* easy-to-implement ideas that can have a lasting impact on your classroom. You don't have to do everything, just try one new thing. Tag us on Twitter @BringHistoryToLife using the hashtag #TryOneNewThingChallenge. We'd love to connect and celebrate with you!

*Easy-to-implement ideas provided throughout our site,  Jump Start guide, and  book: Bring History and Civics to Life, Lessons and Strategies to Cultivate Informed, Empathetic Citizens

ISTE Standards

ISTE Student Standard 1.7: Global Collaborator:

Students use digital tools to broaden their perspectives and enrich
their learning by collaborating with others and working effectively in teams locally and globally.”

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