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The Black Death:
Can we learn anything useful from an event that happened over 600 years ago?


Barbara Lane

is a former secondary English Teacher and has served as the English Language Arts and History Social Science Coordinator for her local county office of education. Currently, Barbara is serving as an adjunct professor at the university level with graduate students, as well as writing and publishing with authors from across the US on educational best practices.

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Frank Pisi

is a former history teacher and served as the Director of History-Social Science for his county office of education. Prior to that, Frank served as part of the California Department of Education as coordinator of the Regional System of District and School Support. Frank was instrumental as the lead for the California Literacy Inquiry and Citizenship (CLIC) project as part of the California History Social Science Framework initiative.

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​@FPActionCivics & @MisterPisi

Lesson Summary:

This lesson is part of a larger study of the Medieval era, helping students to learn about and better understand the impact of the bubonic plague on the global population.

ISTE Standards:

1.3 Knowledge Constructor

1.6 Creative Communicator

Try One New Thing:

Virtual choice boards are an excellent way to provide students multiple ways to access learning and demonstrate their knowledge. Consider ways that students could be provided choice in how they acquire or demonstrate their learning. (Hint: it doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be “this or that,” as long as a choice is provided.)

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