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Dr. Martin Luther King’s Impact on the Civil Rights Movement


Dr. Sonal Patel

is the Digital Learning and Innovation Manager for her local county office of education and is a former 4th-grade teacher. She has received numerous awards and recognitions and also serves as an ISTE Community Leader. 

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Lesson Summary: 

This is part of a larger unit: “The U.S. Civil Rights Movement.” Students will demonstrate their understanding of the contributions of Dr. King’s speech to the following essential questions in their collaborative presentation:

  • How did Dr. King influence the U.S. Civil Rights Movement?

  • How are Dr. King’s speeches relevant today?

ISTE Standards:

1.3a (Knowledge Constructor)  

1.6a (Creative Communicator).

Try One New Thing:

Interactive timelines are a great way to engage students in their learning. Students can access pre-constructed timelines such as World History Maps: The World or can create their own through Google and Microsoft products using shared collaborative documents with their peers.

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